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After Years of Hope

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Herkunft: Essen
Musikrichtung: Metal/ Metalcore
Formed in 2011 in Essen by the two guitarists Jannik and Marius,
After Years of Hope took a winding road to the stage.
Completed in 2012 with Paddy, Robert and Fritz, the band found its home in the
heart of Melodic Metalcore, which is reinvented by every written song.

The future bears a lot of gigs, merchandise and recordings.

The planned EP "We are the Dawn" - to be released in 2013 - combines melody and hard riffs,
as well as their messages transported in the lyrics.

After Years of Hope started playing gigs in January (2013).
They play/ed in their short career with Bands like Evergreen Terrace (US), Betrayal, Thick as Blood, Demoraliser(UK), Do or Die(US)...

So be prepared for some brand new Melodic Metalcore.

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